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Kids For Free Program

Teaching Children to never give up on their Dreams!

summer program

The AMA Dojo is a proud Sponsor of the Children's Community Martial Arts Foundation (CCMAF's) "Kids For Free" Program.

The "Kids For Free" Program is an intro into the world of Martial Arts. The Kids For Free Program is just that Free! The program allows kids between the ages of 6 and 12 to train for Free in the intro class. These classes are once a week.


Kids for Free Karate - Jefferson, City Missouri





"Kids For Free"
Hopes and Dreams

All kids seem to want to learn how to be Ninja turtle or a Power Ranger Unfortunately I'm still stuck on Happy Days and to my amusement

when Fonzi is mentioned they look at me as if I have lost my mind. Thumbs up in the air must be out.


One thing that is for certain is that all kids want to be praised and recognized for their advancement in growing up.. and did I mention they want it now!

The new age of Martial Arts Promotions seem to provide that with a test every month or so. The problem with quick promotions is quick loss of skill. I for one would like to see those skills leaned and maintained and not just gone through the motions, but to be lived.

My goal is to give every kid a chance to learn Marital Arts who is willing to work hard and who is willing to walk the long path and not take the short path.

The CCMAF is constantly looking for Sponsors and Funding if you would like to see the Official Web sight Click on the below link.

Kids for Free Karate - Jefferson, City Missouri


Thank You

Kids For Free Classes:We will be teaching at the:

Arts of Martial Arts
728 E. Miller
Jefferson City MO.
Thursday: 6:00pm-7:00pm